Monday, January 16

We don't like the pastries in Kazakhstan. We want Swiss pastries.

Europeans grumpy they don't control upcoming Syrian ceasefire discussions being led by Russia and Turkey in Astana. 

No date set for intra-Syria talks: German FM
AMN Newsdesk
16 January 2017

(TASS) A date for the resumption of talk in Geneva on a political settlement of the conflict in Syria has not been set yet, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said upon arrival for a meeting of European Union foreign ministers.

"We should insist the process of negotiations on Syria’s future should be placed back into the UN hands," he said. "At this point we cannot say that this is guaranteed and most certainly we cannot say when the Geneva process will be resumed."

The EU, Steinmeier stated, should make up its mind regarding its own strategy for Syria.

"We keep a close watch on the efforts being exerted by Russia, Turkey and other participants in the de-escalation. We in Europe should be talking about the role and place reserved for the EU in this process," Steinmeier said.

At the end of December 2016 Russia and Turkey concluded agreements on the ceasefire in Syria and enter into consultations with the Syrian government and the armed opposition. The consultations are scheduled to begin in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana on January 23.



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