Wednesday, January 25

Trump is accomplishing more in his first week in office than other presidents have in years

Trump after signing one of his presidential directives

Official Washington, DC is something like a Rube Goldberg machine; it creates complex, expensive time-consuming problems out of dust motes. You can tell from the expression on his face what President Trump thinks of this kind of governing. 

One radio anchor here in Washington said this morning that in all his decades of covering government news he's never seen anything like Trump for getting things done.

Trump exemplifies the old saying: If you want something done ask a busy man. 

And you can get things done well if you ask a busy man who's had big responsibilities, as Trump has. Trump isn't only a businessman; he's the kind of businessman who has much in common with a general.  

So. Modern America finally hit it lucky, and just in the nick of time.  

Here's a list I copied from the Monday Drudge Report of projects that Trump was accomplishing that day. I'd had the idea of chronicling Trump's first week in office. I abandoned keeping up the list when I realized that all I'd be doing was trying to keep up with Trump.



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