Saturday, September 18


And they have the new logo to prove it. No wonder Uppity (a Democrat until the DNC stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back) is in such a good mood. As to whether the logo might be a joke -- doesn't look like it to me. The Democrats are big on 'messaging.' Short of saying 'The DNC dumps Obama' the logo gets the message across. This is an interesting turn of events.

Speaking of Uppity Woman, the business with the lobsters went on and on yesterday. The last update to the conversation was at 11:40 PM for those who wouldn't want to miss even one thrilling installment. I guess this means I lost my bid to get the kitties reinstalled on her blog's banner. But the silliness pulled me out of my rotten mood, which had worsened over the last few weeks with each fresh news report on Afghanistan.


Novaleet said...

Pundita, I do not follow. Pray tell. The latimes article as such says that the logo reinforces Obama and his campaign. I couldn't find the answer in uppity woman's blog either. Unless you meant it sarcastically, I don't follow.

Anonymous said...

The D stands for doofus. Really, a D is not going to move the world. Guess Barack is sad now.

Pundita said...

McNorman -- lol
Sandeep -- What's the first thought you had when you saw the logo? It's a rip-off of the iconic Target store logo . A blue target.

Now think of the timing of the new logo's release -- just as the all-important mid-term election campaigns are geting underway.

Finally, think of Obama's iconic logo -- the circular red white and blue and the rising sun. By coming out with that blue Target logo at this time -- I read that as the DNC is distancing themselves from the Obama logo.

Put it all together, the Dem party machine is sending a loud message: Don't associate us with Obama.

Now you could also make out an argument that the message is aimed at Obama to move closer to the center or the DNC will dump him. But it seems to me that's a lot of trouble and expense for a message that could just as easily and more effectively be delivered in private to Obama.

So I'm sticking with my first impression of the new DNC logo: it's a message for the party faithful that the Dem leadership is backing away from Obama. Blue target on Obama. It doesn't get much clearer than that, as far as I'm concerned, for a subliminal message.