Thursday, September 9

Er, in case you haven't noticed, Sri Raman, the USA is at war with India

Wolves in panda drag

My only complaint about B. Raman's excellent analysis of China-India relations is that it studiously overlooks the bald fact that the United States is aiding and abetting Pakistan's covert war against India -- something it's been doing since the two countries became independent. So I don't think President Barack Obama is, as Raman suggests, sending confusing signals. I myself find nothing confusing about the message when a government supports a covert war.

I understand the Indian government's willingness to overlook much in hopes that Obama's visit will produce more cooperation in checking China's Peaceful Sneaking. But India's habitual refusal to deal with the present in favor of maneuvering for a future gain has made it child's play for China to surround India -- in Sri Lanka, Burma, Nepal, and Pakistan. This has left India with no cards to play in the region to offset China's actions in Tibet.

Of course the U.S. regime would like to rattle the bars in its debtor's prison by using India as a wedge against China. If that suits India's government, fine; but before agreeing to a visit from President Obama it should have bargained much harder than it did about the issue of America's continued financing of Pakistan's terrorism. And it should have gotten results, not promises delivered behind closed doors.

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