Thursday, July 27

Oeuf à la Dubai Brick Pavement

It's been very hot in the Middle East in recent weeks. How hot was demonstrated by a Dubai denizen who perfectly cooked an egg sunny-side up in a minute in a frying pan set on a brick pathway.  

The pix and a video showing the sidewalk chef at work are posted at the Daily Mail. The Mail also noted:
Just a couple of weeks ago a truck's tyres melted into the road as temperature soared above 52 degrees Celsius [125.6 degrees Fahrenheit].
Temperatures are set to remain blisteringly hot for the coming weeks in the Middle East, cooling off in September, weather experts say.
If the projected weather pattern for the USA is any indication, September temperatures might not cool off that much in the Middle East:
... The Weather Channel is telling us that fall is going to be hotter than average this year, with warmer temperatures lasting through November — aside from the Northwest region, which will experience normal or even slightly below normal temperatures. Abnormal weather patterns are the cause for the hotter temps ...
Starting in September, the east coast, south, and midwest can expect warmer weather — with the exception of states like Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama, which will have a cooler month until October hits. Even Alaska is going to be a tad warmer than normal.
While warm-weather lovers might rejoice, the rising temperatures are likely cause for concern. The last couple of years have seen many record-breaking temps; in fact, in January, we learned that the last time it was warmer than it was then was about 125,000 years ago. The average temperature across the planet in 2016 was 1.69 degrees above average — which is a lot when you consider records are usually broken by tenths (or even hundredths) of degrees.

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