Saturday, July 8

Shame on Merkel regime for encouraging thugs to run riot! Shame!

The regime had plenty of warning that large gangs planned to trash Hamburg during the G20 summit. The organizers even went so far as to loudly announce their planned onslaught and name it "Welcome to Hell." That puts paid to the complaint that the rioting was the fault of the police: 
"One of protesters, however, told DW that police are fueling the anger at the rallies. “The police are provoking people by running into the protests, crowding people together so that they start to panic. They know people will get injured,” he said."
Oh please. The "protesters" came armed with Molotov cocktails, tire irons, and every other kind of makeshift weapon they could carry. The topper was the regime's hypocritical response to the thuggery:
On Friday evening, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that such violent clashes are unacceptable.
"I have every understanding for peaceful demonstrations, but violent demonstrations endanger human lives, they endanger people themselves, they put police officers and security forces in danger, put residents in danger, and so that is unacceptable,” she said.
Yet the Merkel regime had to know it was inviting violence to hold the G20 Summit in Hamburg, the bastion of the country's radicals. 

By putting the summit attendees in a milieu with a big potential for violence the Merkel regime was not only disrespecting its guests, it was also disrespecting itself -- and its own security forces, not to mention disrespecting the residents in Hamburg and the German people as a whole. 

It begins and ends with self-respect:  if you don't respect yourself, how in the world do you expect anybody's supposed to respect you?  



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