Wednesday, January 13

Al Jazeera America shutting cable TV: Goodbye and good riddance

Now if they'd only shut down in the Middle East, something like peace could return to the region. But of course the Emir of Qatar and Muslim Brotherhood aren't done yet screwing the heads of Americans --

Cable news network Al Jazeera America is reportedly planning to terminate its operations in the United States effective April 2016. This marks the end of a long decline of viewers and readers for the network.

The announcement was reportedly made by executives during a 2 p.m. EST meeting on Wednesday, according to multiple media reports

The network will expand digital presence in the US.

The network has had viewership problems [since] the network’s launch, with only 20,000 to 40,000 people watching during prime time, according to CNN Money.

[END REPORT, except for a bunch of Tweets, mostly from AJA employees]


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