Wednesday, January 6

Pat Lang catches Free Syrian Army unicorns with hooves in cookie jar

God Bless Col. Lang at Sic Semper Tyrannis ("Thus to tyrants"):

"Can the Free Syrian Army Get Back on Its Feet?" US News & World Report
By Pat Lang
January 6, 2015
Sic Semper Tyrannis

"Desertion from the FSA is more common in northern Syria, where Islamist groups dominate the military landscape. The appeal of such groups is generally attributed to the strength of Islamist rebels, whose organizations are generally better funded and have more weapons. Western countries have also been reluctant to support rebel groups, with the United States putting an end to its "train and equip" program in October because of fears that arms could fall into extremist hands.
In June 2014, the FSA high command was sacked over corruption allegations by the opposition government and the organization's Supreme Military Council was disbanded.
Despite such problems, FSA Col. Abdel Jabar Okaidy told Al-Monitor that the fighters' morale is still strong overall, contrary to what the southern front fighter said. He explained, "We are fighting for a cause we believe in, in spite of Russian air support and the deployment of Iranian, Lebanese and Iraqi militias, the pro-regime forces' advance has been slow and insignificant."
Hatahet explained that the regime's shortage of manpower has left it, at least so far, unable to capitalize upon the substantial support provided by Russia and Iran."  US News and World Report
"... the pro-regime forces' advance has been slow and insignificant."
Well, if you can't win on the battlefield you can always try to BS your way to success in the foreign press.  In fact the various FSA unicorn army groups and the jihadi monsters (somewhat reminiscent of the Reivers in the "Firefly" TV series) are falling to bits.
US News is run by good old Mort Zuckerman who IMO never met an Arab he did not want to screw.  The Syrian government is a particular favorite IMO among many of his crowd because, well, just because...
If you read carefully between the lines in this piece what you see is the image of rebel forces both north and south of Damascus that are in the process of slow motion collapse.  pl

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