Monday, January 4

Iran's FARS is now the best Syrian war news site on the planet

Incredible; FARS scooped everyone with this still-breaking news about a Syrian air strike on a meeting between Jaysh al-Islam's most senior leaders and Nusra Front's top commanders. The report also revealed the strike last month that killed the previous Jaysh leader, Zahran Allouch, was made possible by the Syrian air force's intelligence unit. They had gotten a mole into Allouch's outfit who was able to nail the exact time of an important meeting. Heh. You can't trust anyone these days. 

By the way the FARS report insists the strike last month was carried out by Syrian's air force; I and just about everyone else believes it was a Russian strike. Anyhow, the Syrian intel is what made it possible. Great work, guys.   

FARS is a state agency website, but they are on fire. Reminds me of Eason Jordan's Iraq Slogger -- gosh, I wish we had that site now for Iraq war news. 

FARS is faster with war reports from Syria than the Russian sites, faster than Syria's state site SANA, and maybe two days later Google News catches up -- but now all the major press are starting to pile onto FARS and all the war bloggers are living there now. Everybody knows; be there or be behind the curve. 

And FARS knows this. The site has never had such traffic from around the world. As to how they're doing it -- many sources on the ground in Syria. But they also know this is their chance to present themselves to the rest of the world in a better light so they're knocking themselves out.    

Are you getting propaganda with the news?  Not so much with the straight-up Syrian war reports but the rest, sure. That's okay; all the major press are passing along their own government's propaganda. That's just the way things are during war.

Kudos, FARS. Just kept doing what made you famous; don't get fancy and pile on the propaganda with a trowel.   


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