Sunday, January 10

Request to FARS and some advice for Iran's military effort in Syria

REQUEST TO FARS:  Say, could you guys make your maps a little easier to read?  Bigger lettering (in  English) for the cities? And maybe a little highlighting of where the action is, so I don't have to squint with my eyes an inch from the computer screen? This war is very hard to follow because it has so many battle sites.  But it would help if the locales shown on your map are printed in larger typeface.  Thank you.      

And by the way, could you kindly stop misspelling "from?"  Somebody in the FARS press room seems to think "form" means the same as "from," so then I have correct each instance if I catch it.  Thank you very much.  

My requests notwithstanding, this American is grateful for all your reporting on the Syrian war. You're the best Syrian war reporting media outlet in the world!  

Out of gratitude, I have some advice for the Iranian military command directing their milita operations in Syria. The advice is from the American military's experience at Iwo Jima during World War Two. American officers were prime targets for the Japanese snipers. So the officers learned to sneak off the landing craft looking as if they'd been on the island for months, which meant they looked a fright -- unkempt beards, and hair that looked as if had never seen a barber.  

They also wore the raggediest, dirtiest uniforms they could create, with no isignias on the uniforms to clue the snipers to the wearer's real rank. They also ditched the 'officer's walk' -- his posture.  The idea was to fit in completely with the grunts when seen through the snipers' sights.       

I would add one other bit of advice to that: It seems to me that snipers and suicide bombers for the bad guys in Syria are targeting grey beards. Aren't they? Fighters with grey or silver facial hair. Such men would likely have experience commanding. Dye their hair, beards and moustaches bown or black before sending them into the field.  

As the eyebrows -- judgment call because the dye can cause serious eye damage if it gets in the eyes. There are workarounds. Woman's waterproof mascara can temporarily cover up grey in the eyebrows; it would have to be re-applied every day. A cap with a large 'bill' that casts the eye area in shadow, pulled low over the forehead, would be another option, and maybe big sunglasses.  And while the commanders wouldn't like it, another option if they have pure white or grey eyebrows is shaving them and gluing on false ones.    

In any case, no grey or white facial hair on the battlefield. And if Iranian commanders are used to looking as clean and well-pressed as they can out in the field -- tell 'em to look like these Syrian Army troops. And note -- nothing to give away rank: 


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