Wednesday, January 20

Al-Masdar reporter survives encounter with wacky German police, now embedded with Iraqi military

Paul Antonopoulos reported today that the reporter has arrived safely in Baghdad after his strange encounter with German police, who seemed to have decided he was a terrorist because he was headed to Iraq, and is now embedded with Iraqi troops on the outskirts of Baghdad. The reporter sent this interesting news, which of course wasn't mentioned in the Western media:
... Shi’ite militia fighting in Syria and Iraq wished Iraq’s Christian minority, comprised mostly of Assyrians and Armenians, a Merry Christmas. The signs were put up over a month earlier in a square in the middle of Baghdad.
Here is a picture he sent of one of the signs, looking just a little worse for wear:

So now Al-Masdar News readers will be getting good reports on the action -- as soon as the reporter and his cameraperson get used to filing video reports while trying to keep up with the combat troops. When Paul writes "embedded," this is not embedding at the canteen. See the website for a video of the newly-arrived reporter striving to get in the swing of things.   

As for those German police -- sigh.



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