Wednesday, January 6

Mr Obama if you're upset about gun deaths why are you arming terrorists in Syria?

The leader of the free world took to crying before the cameras yesterday. I don't know why he was crying. Something to do with his taking Executive Action in his ongoing attempts to take guns away from Americans. Or maybe he'd just been told that he was going to have to explain to the American public how U.S. special forces got pinned down by Taliban in southern Helmand province. Then again he might have been upset about a poll showing Vladimir Putin is more popular with Israelis than he.

Whatever the story about the waterworks, President Obama claims to be upset about the number of deaths in the USA from gun-related crimes. But then why would he continue arming terrorists in Syria? 

Another question is why he refuses to allow the U.S. military to share with the Russian military command U.S. intelligence on Islamic State in Syria. The reply from the White House used to rationalize obstructive American actions in Syria has been "Assad must go" but this has nothing to do with getting rid of Islamic State.

President Obama is still having trouble with priorities; he seems to think the top priority is that the International Community credits the USA rather than Russia with routing Islamic State. He should consider what the community will think when IS shoots down several civilian and military aircraft. IS scientists are reportedly perfecting a way to do this -- ironically by refurbishing decommissioned U.S. missiles. That says nothing about progress IS scientists have made in developing chemical weapons.  

(While both reports I linked to above are from Russia's Sputnik they're quoting reports in mainstream British news media.)

It just doesn't seem to have sunk in yet at the White House that Islamic State is not playing and that it's silly to view Vladimir Putin as one of Mr Obama's political enemies.  

Whatever intelligence on IS the U.S. military has it should be sharing all of it with counterparts in the Russian and Syrian commands. And it should go without saying the U.S. should closely coordinate its military actions in Syria with both commands. 

The U.S. must also abandon all programs that arm any group in Syria. Regarding 'private' covert programs ostensibly beyond Mr Obama's ability to control, his friends in the American media establishment should be able to help him there. The Justice Department should also be able to help.

Speaking of the media establishment:  if Mr Obama is serious about stopping mass shooting incidents in the USA he should tell TV outlets such as CNN it's counterproductive to help him push his gun control agenda by giving the mass incidents saturation coverage. The shooters view the coverage as glorifying their acts.

See also Daesh Receives Toxic Sarin Gas Ingredients From Turkey – Turkish Lawmaker; December 14, 2015, Sputnik


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