Friday, January 15

More than 10,500 opposition Syrian forces now fighting alongside Syrian Army

"Moreover, the Syrian opposition provided the Russian Armed Forces with information about every fifth terrorist target."

One of the strangest aspects of the Syrian War is that all during the conflict Syria's government has been looking after the families of Syrian men who go off to fight the army and try to depose Assad.

However, the wisdom of this decision has become evident, as more and more opposition fighters give up the fight against the government. After they clear their legal status with the government they are free to return to their families and continue with their lives. Last year more than 11,000 Syrian militants did this -- and I saw one report citing the number as 11,500. 

But I think many of the returnees decide to join or rejoin the army, or form militias to fight on the army's side, when they realize the extent of horrors inflicted on Syrians by mostly foreign forces. While they retain disagreements with the government they never wanted to see their country destroyed.

Now we are starting to see the fruit of Assad's wisdom, and his truly amazing faith in the Syrian people.

(Sputnik, January 15, 2016) - More than 10,500 members of the Syrian Democratic Forces are fighting today against the Daesh terrorists (ISIL/ISIS) alongside the Syrian armed forces, chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Sergei Rudskoy said.

"Troops of the Syrian Democratic Forces alongside the Syrian Army have been playing an increasing role in the fight against terrorism. Currently, the total number of these units are 10,500 strong," he said.

According to him, over the past few days, opposition groups led by Ayman Al-Ghanim Flyat advanced eight kilometers in the direction of Raqqa, which is considered the "capital" of Daesh terrorists.

One of the "main strongholds" of the Daesh terrorists, a town in the province of Latakia Salma, was liberated with the assistance of the opposition units, the Lt.-Gen. told reporters.

"Three towns, including terrorists' stronghold and the capital of the mountainous Latakia were liberated with the assistance of the opposition unit 'Desert Falcons'," Rudskoy said.

The Syrian army with the assistance of the opposition forces has regained control over 10 towns in the province of Hama, the chief of the Russian Genera Staff said.

"At least 24 armed militans who fought alongside terrorists surrendered to the Syrian government forces near the town of Jarjisa [Hama province]," Rudskoy said.

The Syrian government forces backed by opposition units have also reclaimed control over 7 towns near Kweiris military airfield.

Moreover, the Syrian opposition provided the Russian Armed Forces with information about every fifth terrorist target, Rudskoy noted.

"Over the past five months we have established cooperation with the troops of the patriotic opposition. They provide the command of the Russian aviation group with information about terrorist targets in combat zones. After checking the information, the Russian Air Forces conduct airstrikes. Today, the opposition provides us with information about every fifth target," Rudskoy said.

The Russian operation in Syria forced terrorists to operate under less than ideal conditions, such as fuel, ammunition and food shortages, the statement said.



Col. B. Bunny said...

The specifics about Pres. Assad show that he is doing his utmost to be flexible, understanding, and attentive to the needs of Syrians. This is an amazing policy of his to support those families. Regularity and sanity seem to be part of Syrian government control, which contrasts with the known barbarity of Al Qaida OWICN and ISIS.

The official idea of "Assad the Butcher" is based in nothing. Ipse dixit and no more.

Assad is the solution to ISIS but Obama would rather light his hair on fire than admit that.

Pundita said...

What was done to Assad is terrifying to contemplate.