Saturday, January 30

Metamorphosis: The Butterfly Dress

If I told you what you're actually looking at in the photo you might not believe me, but to get in the ballpark it's the enchantment that can happen when a computer is embedded in a show-stopping ball gown. 

The video, below, from Intel's IQ website shows how the dress works; I'd suggest you watch it in full screen mode. There are also videos at the website about the making of the dress and a more detailed text explanation.

Two Turkish fashion designers, Tuba and Ezra Çetin, a sister team, collaborated with Cagri Tanriover, a Turkish software development engineer at Intel Labs, to create the gown Cinderella would have loved to wear at the ball:
At first it was a clunky conversation — engineers trying to work with fashion designers — but after much brainstorming and trial and error, Tanriover said that it didn’t take long for everything to click.
The visionary sisters and software engineer are interesting on their own but also because they remind that behind the headlines of war and political unrest in the Middle East, creative people there are just going about their lives, and in the process helping to build this amazing era. The same is happening all over the world.  


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