Friday, January 8

Man, the Europeans are so screwed up by their past

"The monopoly on the use of force belongs to the state," the police press service stated.

What'd they do over there in Germany? Completely relinquish to the state the responsibility for their own welfare?  [tapping her temple with a forefinger] Those people are mucho loco in the coco. Wait, I take that back; not all Germans are loco -- 
21:11 08.01.2016 (updated 21:23) 

Following the Cologne attacks, Düsseldorf residents have created a Facebook group "Düsseldorf on alert!". Members of the group intend to patrol the city on weekends and during mass events.

The city police are unhappy with the new development. The monopoly on the use of force belongs to the state, the police press service stated.

Following the mass attacks on women that occurred on New Year's Eve in Cologne, Düsseldorf residents decided to take initiative into their hands.

The activists created a Facebook group "Dusseldorf on alert!" which attracted over nine thousands of people within few days. The main idea of the group is to organize special security groups and establish joint patrols of the city during various events.

"Following the events at the Cologne Central Station on New Year's Eve (nearly 80 sexual assaults and rape, according to the media), we decided to mobilize in Düsseldorf," the main page of the group said.

The group members question the efficiency of the police and the state and therefore want to take responsibility for their own security. They stated that the groups has nothing to do with politics and is only designed to "make our city safe for our women."

A recent ARD survey revealed that 30 percent of Germans are now trying to avoid public places, while 82 percent want to have more video surveillance in public places.

Mass attacks against women took place in Cologne and a number of other German cities on New Year's Eve during the celebrations. The German police registered 121 criminal incidents, including sexual assaults and cases of robbery.

The crimes were reportedly committed by gangs of intoxicated men described as being "of Arab or North African" origin.



bdoran said...

There is a problem with White European Men in Europe and America.

I'm one.

We're pussies. Sorry. We're conditioned to be weak minded. It's fatal, you're asking too much of the Human Animal. It invites attack and kindles disgust, the natural response to disgust is to destroy it or get away from it.

It's the education system of course.

I'm not racist - but I don't care if I am. I now care about survival.

Of course much of the racial conflict is Othello with the Media/Academia playing Iago but...human nature and who you are will win out.

We will be fortunate to avoid a Hitler level response. Just how things are, cheers.

Pundita said...

Othello-Desdemona -- an interesting metaphor. But I think the present situation has less to do with education playing Iago than with the desperation of the Democratic Party machine. They don't dare lose black votes but the promise of Obama as being the African-American Moses never materialized.

Meanwhile, many American blacks have recognized that decade in, decade out, the Demoocratic Party has been using them, and that the Dem platform has given them in return many millions of out-of-wedlock births and a culture of welfare that has all but destroyed the black American nuclear family.

In general it's the same with the American Left, which latched onto the racial differences in America and hyped them via the universities a la the phony leftism of Bill Ayers and Co.

The response from the GOP all these decades has been the chirping of crickets. They've preferred to go along with the Dem party machines in the big cities, which the Republican machine pretty much wrote off for votes.

That hasn't been so much wimpy as cynical. The worst part is that without a strong political retort to the Dem machine, millions of blacks really believed, and still believe, that the promised land is won through political control.

The only American politician who could break the spell is Donald Trump but his chances for the White House seem slim at this point -- and the Dem machine has been effective at labeling him a racist.

The Europeans I see as a different story. The only way to describe the Europe that emerged from WW2 is to say it was post-apocalyptic. The reaction from millions of Europeans was to see everything about their warlike past with horror and try to create a society that completely rejected war. But that wasn't all Europeans. Nazism never went away; I saw that with my own eyes in Germany while the country was still partitioned -- in West Germany. And other kinds of fascism never went away. All that was just tamped down, waiting.

Eerily, in America, which doesn't have a political tradition of fascism, the regime of Barack Obama has strong fascist tendencies. This explains the strange remark I made years ago that someday Rush Limbaugh and Louis Farrakhan would be marching arm in arm. I don't think I added that by then it would be too late.