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Sunday, November 27

600 civilians escape E. Aleppo on Saturday, more groups escape today

Photo from SANA report today; see the second report below for details. Pardon my cynicism but does that family look starved to you? I'd guess the husband is holed up in E. Aleppo with an AK-47. However, that's still a good sign, if they're finally sending their families out; it suggests the diehards know the end is near. And the first report suggests that several civilians really did escape yesterday.  From today's FARS report on the 'mass' exit yesterday, this photo looks more like escapees:

600 civilians exit rebel-held Aleppo in one day
By Chris Tomson 
November 26, 2016

During the Syrian Arab Army's (SAA) capture of the Hanano district in northeastern Aleppo on Saturday, around 600 local residents were able to escape rebel-held Aleppo.

Although several instances of small groups enduring the same journey have surfaced in recent weeks, this marks the first large batch of civilians who have safely reached government-held Aleppo safely. On Tuesday, 48 civilians also left rebel-held districts.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has accused Islamist rebels of using Aleppo's civilians as human shields, denying locals access to the newly established humanitarian corridors.


Another batch of families exits terrorist-besieged eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo
November 27, 2016

Aleppo, SANA_ A new batch of families managed Sunday to leave the terrorists-besieged eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.

The army, in cooperation with the concerned sides in Aleppo governorate, transported the families to makeshift housing and provided them with all necessary needs.

Army and Armed Forces units on Saturday evening secured the exit of tens of locals who were besieged by terrorists, and transported them to a safe area, adding that the authorities at the Governorate are working to provide the locals’ needs.

Two batches of citizens also exited the neighborhoods of Bustan al-Qaser and al-Saleheen in Aleppo and were transferred to a safe place as their needs were secured by the competent authorities in the Governorate, and before that 23 locals from Hanano area exited the area on Friday evening.

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