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Friday, November 4

Joe diGenova: "The FBI has become the Viet Cong ..." (UPDATED 12:15 PM EDT)

Here's the complete quote, from the legendary Joseph diGenova, a former U.S. Attorney:
The FBI has become the Viet Cong, and they're burrowing under the Justice Department and they're going to bring it down.
DiGenova made the remark last night on the Mark Levin Show, in answer to Levin's question about whether the DOJ-FBI dispute over the handling of the Clintons Affair is taking the USA into a Constitutional crisis. So that was diGenova's way of saying, yes, this country is headed toward a full-blown Constitutional crisis. 

For Spencer Ackerman's benefit, the issue at the heart of the dispute isn't that the FBI has become "Trumpland" as Ackerman's sources tell him, but as diGenova puts it, the U.S. Department of Justice has become "completely politicized in its upper echelon." 

That situation is so well documented by now, I don't see how Ackerman, an American national security reporter writing for the U.K. Guardian, dared attempt to turn the tables. His article portrays the FBI as having become politicized. No, it's the politicization of Justice, which became rampant during the Obama Administration, that has so greatly alarmed many FBI career civil servants they're now openly in rebellion against Justice Department brass.  

As to what these civil servants can actually do to rectify the situation -- well, diGenova's Viet Cong remark suggests he has faith in the capabilities of the FBI insurgents. But it seems to me they're going to need a great deal of help from Congress, which they might not get if the outcome of Senate election campaigns a few days hence favors Democrats.  

The Democratic National Party has already made it clear it will go to virtually any lengths to protect Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton from criminal prosecution -- and Hillary from impeachment, if she becomes President. And it seems to me that if the Democrats retain control of the White House, they can keep DOJ politicized. 

Then again, diGenova knows more about the situations inside the FBI and DOJ and the Constitutional issues than I would ever hope to know. The same goes for Ackerman and the entire staff at the Guardian. 

Here's the Audioboom podcast for Levin's November 3 radio show. His interview with Joe diGenova starts at the 18:15 mark. 


The Daily Caller also interviewed diGenova yesterday; he had a little more time then to discuss the FBI-DOJ dispute, which included naming certain "high echelon" officials at DOJ:
DiGenova, who has bureau sources close to the FBI investigation, named Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Assistant Attorney General Peter Kaznick, Assistant Attorney General John P. Carlin, and Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell as senior level staff at DOJ have who have “done something that they are going to regret.”
He also gave the Daily Caller an indication of how the FBI agents plan to fight obstructive brass at Justice:
As a result of the obstacles thrown in their way, diGenvoa says the agents within the bureau have gone “rogue” and any upper level bureaucrat that gets in their way from investigating Clinton could be exposed.
“Even though this is technically under the auspices of the bureau, nobody is going to control these agents,” he said.
Additionally, diGenova, who was the first to say that laptops belonging to Clinton lawyers Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson were never destroyed in a DOJ deal as previously reported, said that the laptop co-owned by Clinton staffer Huma Abedin and her estranged husband Anthony Weiner has information on it that agents likely already reviewed ...
That certainly explains the Viet Cong analogy, which he also invoked in the Daily Caller interview:
“Just think of the FBI as the Viet Cong. That’s what they are. They are digging tunnels under the Justice Department. They are going to sink that place.”

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