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Tuesday, November 29

There's Divine Grace, then there's Monkey Business

Once a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba (an earlier emanation of the same consciousness that created the Sathya Sai Baba incarnation) had a clear dream in which he was in a prison. He called out to Shirdi Baba to free him; Shirdi Baba appeared and replied that he couldn't, because the man's karma was very bad. The man cried, "You can do anything!" Shirdi Baba asked him if he really believed that. The man said he did. Just like that, the prison bars fell.

You are not more powerful than the divine. So don't go wishing Hell on yourself if you know you've done bad. Call for help, plead for help, and keep pleading and calling.  

Easy advice to hear but it can be tough to follow. Many people don't want to be saved. They only want to be patched up so they can return to whatever monkey business got them in trouble in the first place.  

This can go on for scores of incarnations, as they bounce from shaman to shaman, priest to priest, baba to baba, religion to religion, collecting little packets of help to tide them over. Until they've made so much grief for themselves and others that they decide, 'Okay now I'm going to Hell.' 

Notice that they're still thinking they run the show. The good news is that once this idea is rejected Grace is surprisingly easy to obtain. That's because it is always there.           

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