Saturday, November 5

"Assange: Clinton is a cog for Goldman Sachs and Saudis"

Of course if Hillary Clinton becomes President that will make her a big cog. The quote is from Russia's RT television broadcast today of the full John Pilger interview with Julian Assange. 

Some parts of the interview have already been posted since news of the interview first broke, but here's the link to the video of the entire interview and the complete transcript.

I have one remark about Assange's comments; he said that the FBI became angry because Clinton's ability to resist their investigation made them look weak. In the grand scheme of the FBI's reasons for anger, pique about how they're perceived would be small potatoes. 

The Justice Department betrayed the Federal Bureau of Investigation for political reasons. This was to the great detriment of law enforcement in the United States and thus the American people, not to mention the cause of justice. 

That's the biggest reason so many FBI agents are angry. 

Another reason, reportedly, is that close to 100 agents who worked on the Clinton emails case had to put not just their jobs on the line but their entire careers in order to confront the bureau's chief and Justice about suppression of the Clinton investigations (both the State department emails and the Clinton Foundation).  

It is possible the agents could have tried to claim whistleblower status to protect their jobs. However, given the great power the Democratic Party now has over the American justice system, that route would also have been risky. Moreover, it would have been a time-consuming, leaving no hope of correcting a record in time for a Presidential election.

A reminder of what is actually at stake in the election.


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