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Wednesday, November 30

Somebody get the hook: CIA continues to supply TOW missiles to bad guys

[Looking at her watch] Um, you wouldn't consider leaving the White House earlier than January, would you, Mr President? And taking John Brennan with you?  

November 30, 2016

A Syrian US-backed "rebel" group, Nour al-Din al-Zenki, became widely known in July after beheading a [Palestinian refugee] child near Aleppo city and posting the video of this. 

 [At the time] Nour al-Din al-Zenki was a “CIA-vetted” group and was receiving TOW missiles through the CIA program.

Initially some mainstream media attempted to defend the ... group, explaining that it was a “mistake” and an isolated case.

However, under the pressure of public opinion the US State Department was pushed to announce that the US might consider withdrawing its support from the “rebels,” if reports of the beheading of 14-year old boy were confirmed. 

[Pundita note: The video of the beheading and moments leading up to it was ample confirmation]

But subsequent developments showed that [beheading a child] was not enough reason for the CIA to withdraw its support from Nour al-Din al-Zenki.

The group continues to use US-supplied TOW missiles.

On November 21, the group’s official Twitter page released a photo of group member, using a US-supplied missile. Then “moderate rebels” published a video, confirming this.

Considering the high intensity of battles in which the group is involved in Syria (for example in Aleppo city and its countryside), there are almost no doubts that it uses the newly-delivered missiles.

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