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Friday, November 18

Remember to give thanks to the Lord, you silly people (UPDATED at noon EST)


Stop the presses!  

Walter Hawkins and Donnie McClurkin Singing "Thank You" at Azusa 1993 -- You Tube


I thought of two songs when I read today about the outlandishly high statistics on substance abuse in the USA. There are a lot of very depressed Americans. No surprise there. Our news media and politics industry unrelentingly blanket this country with negativity and never stop pounding a sense of victimhood into Americans. Religion is a powerful antidote, and a big part of religion is teaching the character trait of thankfulness. Here, from Hinduism and Christianity, two barnraising ways to remember the teaching -- and practice it.    

(I also featured the bhajan in Ganesh and The Tale of Sathya Sai Baba and the Impatient American Devotee, which contains the bhajan lyrics in both English and Malayalam.)


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