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Saturday, November 12

Plea to British regime: RELOCATE TO RIYADH

The British regime is so greatly dependent on business from Saudi and other Gulf Arab oil states that the title of this post is wasted words; no amount of pleading or appeal to facts will persuade the people who run the U.K. to stop doing Riyadh's bidding in Syria. 

The British were supposed to mend their ways after they lost their empire; instead the very worst about them has come to the fore, and now to the point where they have no more conscience and are completely untrustworthy.      

The horror for this American is that the United States remains deeply involved not only with the Saudi regime but also the British one.               

From the (U.K.) Telegraph, November 12:  Trump Putin alliance sparks diplomatic crisis:
The Sunday Telegraph understands that Britain will spend the next two months trying to convince Mr Trump's team of the need to remove President Assad. The issue will be the “number one” priority.
The Government had hoped that Mr Trump would be prepared to soften his stance on the issue after winning the election, as he has with several other flagship plans including his pledge to repeal Obamacare. However his interview signalled that he will pursue the alliance with Russia.
Foreign Office officials believe that it will be “incredibly difficult” but emphasised that Britain will not change its position.
“We have been very clear that Assad has no place in the future of Syria,” the official said. “He has the blood of 400,000 people on his hands.”
Another Foreign Office source said that there is hope that Mr Trump will be forced to change his position when he deals with Mr Putin directly.
“There is no doubt that he looks upon Putin as a person who he thinks he can do business with,” the source said. “When he discovers that Putin is not a rational or reasonable guy he might change his mind. This will take time to settle down.”

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