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Wednesday, November 2

FBI Sources: Indictment likely Clinton Foundation (UPDATED)


Bret Baier at Fox News has 'retracted' his report (see below) that the FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation was likely moving toward an indictment. However, a close reading of his explanation shows that after going overboard in his initial report, he then went overboard in the effort to clarify.

Here is his explanation. Boiled down:

“There is confidence in the evidence, but for me to phrase it like I did, of course that got picked up everywhere, but the process is different than that.”
In other words, if the law enforcement process plays out, it's likely there will be an indictment. 


Just another day at the office for the Clintons

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh summed the Clinton Foundation situation when he said the Clintons had put U.S. foreign policy up for sale to the highest bidders. 

My question for Democrats is even if Hillary wins the White House, are you still sure that you're willing to go through another four years of the Clinton Circus? Where it's always all about them.

Bret Baier: FBI Sources Believe Clinton Foundation Case Moving Towards "Likely an Indictment"
Tim Haines
November 2, 2016
Real Clear Politics

[See the website for video of Baier's report]

Fox News Channel's Bret Baier reports the latest news about the Clinton Foundation investigation from two sources inside the FBI. He reveals five important new pieces of information in these two short clips:

1. The Clinton Foundation investigation is far more expansive than anybody has reported so far and has been going on for more than a year.

2. The laptops of Clinton aides Cherryl Mills and Heather Samuelson have not been destroyed, and agents are currently combing through them. The investigation has interviewed several people twice, and plans to interview some for a third time.

3. Agents have found emails believed to have originated on Hillary Clinton's secret server on Anthony Weiner's laptop. They say the emails are not duplicates and could potentially be classified in nature.

4. Sources within the FBI have told him that an indictment is "likely" in the case of pay-for-play at the Clinton Foundation, "barring some obstruction in some way" from the Justice Department.

5. FBI sources say with 99% accuracy that Hillary Clinton's server has been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, and that information had been taken from it.


BRET BAIER: Breaking news tonight -- two separate sources with intimate knowledge of the FBI investigations into the Clinton emails and the Clinton Foundation tell Fox the following: 

The investigation looking into possible pay-for-play interaction between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Foundation has been going on for more than a year. Led by the white collar crime division, public corruption branch of the criminal investigative division of the FBI. 

The Clinton Foundation investigation is a, quote, "very high priority." Agents have interviewed and reinterviewed multiple people about the Foundation case, and even before the WikiLeaks dumps, agents say they have collected a great deal of evidence. Pressed on that, one sources said, quote, "a lot of it," and "there is an avalanche of new information coming every day." 

Some of the new information is from WikiLeaks, some of it from new emails. The agents are actively and aggressively pursuing this case. They will be going back to interview the same people again, some for the third time. 

As a result of the limited immunity deals to top aides, including Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, the Justice Department had tentatively agreed that the FBI would destroy those laptops after a narrow review. We are told definitively that has not happened. Those devices are currently in the FBI field office here in Washington, D.C. and are being exploited. 

The source points out that any immunity deal is null and void if any subject lied at any point in the investigation. 

Meantime, the classified e-mail investigation is being run by the National Security division of the FBI. They are currently combing through former Democratic Congressman Anthony Wiener's laptop and have found e-mails that they believe came from Hillary Clinton's server that appear to be new, as in not duplicates. 

Whether they contain classified material or not is not yet known. It will likely be known soon. All of this just as we move inside one week until election day.

Baier gives more details to Fox News Channel's Brit Hume.



Ramesh, thank you for this. I'd not heard of him before; a trip to Google showed me that he's been making some "pretty dire" statements about the Clinton Foundation -- and it seems he was doing this days or several hours at least before the big news broke. So, for other readers who never heard of him before, Google shows that some netizens are wondering who this guy is. Could be anyone, including a good guesser or a spook.

Well, the FBI investigation of the foundation has been quite the November Surprise.
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