Wednesday, February 1

Attn BBC: The "United States" has NOT sent a firefighting plane to Chile

Report from Business Insider: Chile wildfires have already destroyed more than a million acres of land. See the 1 minute video at Business Insider, published 21 hours ago.

The BBC has reported today that the "United States" (as well as Brazil and Russia) has sent a supertanker firefighting plane to Chile. Airmed & Rescue reported on January 26 that the American supertanker plane was hired by a Chilean expat millionaire at the cost of $2 million, according to the Guardian.  So this help was strictly private, not representing assistance from the American federal government or any U.S. state.

Would it be helpful if the "United States" sent a supertanker? Well yeah, but the "United States" is much too busy running around Eastern Europe and the Middle East to bother with helping a regional neighbor that could really use firefighting help right now.

[flipping a pen in the air]


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