Tuesday, February 14

Now for an unvarnished version of upcoming Syria talks in Geneva LOL

From Ziad Fadel, AMN Chief Leith Fadel's dad, at Mr Fadel's Syrian Perspective site:
GENEVA: Two “prominent” schools of opposition will lead the negotiations with the [Syrian] government at Geneva under the pinched nose of Steffan de Mistura [UN and Arab League Envoy to Syria]. 

We have learned that there is a “Russian Platform” group and a “Cairo Platform” group. The first is led by the unctuous traitor, Qadri Jameel. The second is led by the former Foreign Ministry ingrate, Jihaad Maqdisi. Both these turkeys are doomed to live out their lives in a chicken coop. Along with the rodent, Qadri, we are expecting another Moscow Mule, ‘Alaa` ‘Arafaat, to join the festivities.

Faylaq Al-Rahmaan has been invited and will attend. Liwaa` Al-Sultaan Muraad, a possible reference to any one of 6 Ottoman leaders, the last being a deposed imbecile, Muraad V. The name of the group, once again, indicates an origin in the MIT of Turkey.

The chief negotiator for the group of vultures is Nasr Al-Hareeri, a Der’ah born 40 year-old internist, who succeeds former Brig.Gen. As’ad Al-Zu’bi, another Der’ah denizen who defected from the opposition.

Notable for their absences are Jaysh Al-Islam headed by Muhamamad ‘Alloosh, Saudi stooge and child molester. In his stead, Muhammad Sabraa has been appointed to lead another delegation. Ahraar Al-Shaam, too, has not been invited.

Ignorant hag and CIA agent, Basma Qudhmaani, who wrote a flagrantly idiotic editorial for the NYT, “Sometimes it Takes a Minority” about how Alawis should join her imaginary revolution, will attend in order to please the disgruntled terrorist supporters at the CIA. She is joined by notorious clown, Fu`aad ‘Ulayku.

Another 20, so-called legal, military and political experts will join the terrorists at Geneva. It’s going to be a ball.


A pity Mr Fadel doesn't report on the Syrian War for The New York Times, eh?  

See my post yesterday for a varnished version of the meeting, projected to start Feb 20-23. 


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