Tuesday, February 14

The Get Russia crowd and Syria

After reviewing the Get Russia crowd's efforts to derail the possibility of  U.S. rapprochement with Russia, Moon of Alabama's February 13 analysis (Organized Campaigns Hit At Trump's Foreign Policy Plans) tackled recent machinations to derail any rational American actions in Syria:


Indeed a second well-coordinated assault on an announced Trump policy, a change of course in Syria, is already in the making. This one aims at further maligning the Syrian government in an effort to make it impossible to argue for cooperation in the fight against the Islamic State.
  • A few days ago Amnesty International published an unfounded report about alleged executions in Syrian prisons.
  • Today Human Rights Watch claims that the Syrian government systematically used chlorine in the fight over Aleppo. The sources are solely opposition supporters.
  • Based on similar vague "facts" the Atlantic Council, a NATO lobby with financial ties to Gulf governments, launches a huge propaganda report (large pdf) about the "war crime" of liberating Aleppo from jihadis.
None of these "humanitarian" organizations is concerned about the current devastating situation in Aleppo. For 40 days the water has been cut off by the Islamic State at the Euphrates pumping stations. There is no electricity. Fuel is sparse. Medications are difficult to find.

Their hypocrisy stinks to high heaven. These organizations all assert that the Syrian government, for example, attacked hospitals in east Aleppo solely to hit civilians. At the same time they all applaud a much bigger assault on the Islamic State held Mosul by U.S. and Iraqi troops. There, the head of Human Rights Watch asserts, the hospitals are used by the jihadis and thus attacks on them are justified:
Kenneth Roth @KenRoth
As battle for Mosul proceeds, ISIS is regularly occupying hospitals & medical facilities, endangering patients/staff

Got all that? Can anything be done to stop the predations? Prayer is a help to ward off the very worst. 

Beyond that, not so much, barring direct intervention by God.

Happy Valentine's Day!     


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