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Belgians waking up the hard way about Islamism

"According to the report, many Sunni Muslims consider Wahhabi principles to be the norm these days."

From a 2012 photograph accompanying a report today from RT Salafist proselytizing in Belgium didn't start recently, but from the RT report, Radical Islam is spreading across Belgium, Salafists preach via TV & online media - leaked report, it's snowballing in the country. The Belgian authorities just didn't seem to understand that the Salafists play a long game. 

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is known as a straight talker, so he didn't mince words when a delegation from Belgium's Parliament visited Syria last week on an extended fact-finding mission and spoke with him. One of the things he told them: Most European countries harmed their people’s interests through their support for terrorist organizations.

He said a lot more. From SANA's February 6 report (with accompanying video) on his meeting with the delegation:
The President said there are Western politicians who work only with the aim of winning the elections and not for serving the interests of their countries and people, which has led to the emergence of European policies that are dissociated from reality regarding some issues, which in turn has cast a shadow over the position and role of the European Union in the world.
The Europeans are so dissociated they spent years watching their countries being invaded and didn't lift a finger, until some invaders got impatient and started killing them in cold blood. 

Have Belgians finally gotten the memo? Do they now realize that what happened to Syrians can easily happen to them? There is one Belgian parliamentarian who has been awake for some time. From a February 3 SANA report:
Member of Belgium’s Federal Parliament Filip Dewinter said the European governments picked the wrong side in the war in Syria, having stood by and supported the Wahhabi terrorists instead of siding by the legitimate Syrian government.
The remarks of Dewinter, who is heading a Belgian parliamentary delegation on a visit to Syria, came during a meeting with Governor of Aleppo province Hussein Diyab.
Dewinter said that during his earlier visit to Syria two years ago, he warned that the terrorism in Syria would backfire on its supporters and would strike Europe and the US, noting that this is what has actually happened.
He hoped that the victory against the terrorists in Aleppo will help open the European politicians' eyes to the facts and drive them to change their current approach towards the events in Syria.
Dewinter pointed out that the Belgian delegation’s visit to Aleppo aims at inspecting firsthand the situation on the ground away from the false picture promoted by some Western media outlets, so to convey the real image to the Belgian and European publics.
However, it's a little late in the day. Back to the RT report: 
Salafism is advancing in Belgium, a leaked report from the country’s coordination body for threat assessment says, adding that Wahhabi TV stations and online media operate freely while radical literature can be found in most Islamic bookshops.
The report by the Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis (OCAM), a special body which works in cooperation with security and intelligence agencies to assess the level of terrorist threat in Belgium, was leaked by De Standaard newspaper on Wednesday.

“An increasing number of mosques and Islamic centers in Belgium are controlled by the Wahhabism,” the document states.
Wahhabism, a strict form of Islam promoted inside Saudi Arabia as well as through government programs abroad, has indirectly encouraged the rise of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). It is sometimes considered the true Salafist movement, and calls for a return to the original “purity” of Islam.

The movement’s tenets include the supremacy of Sharia law, the idea of violent jihad, and takfirism, which encourages the killing of Muslims considered heretics for not following its interpretation of Islam.
The Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis (OCAM) calls Wahhabism “one-dimensional Islam,” adding that it is "spreading in the Muslim world, including Muslim minorities in the West.”
According to the report, many Sunni Muslims consider Wahhabi principles to be the norm these days.
Wahhabi supporters try “to turn away Muslims from West European values and standards,” which they perceive as being contrary to the teachings of the Koran, according to OCAM.
De Standaard, which read the report, says that Wahhabi imams regularly preach in Belgian mosques and many mosques are strictly Wahhabist, particularly in the cities of in Brussels, Antwerp, and Mechelen.
There are even Wahhabi TV channels and online media, according to the report.
“Most Islamic bookshops and online stores in Belgium offer exclusively Wahhabist, Salafist [content] printed in Arabic or in translation.”

Thus, “a moderate imam in his mosque” can do nothing about this “media violence,” the report concludes.
OCAM CEO Paul Van Tigchelt refused to comment on the leaked report to De Standaard.
Belgium has been on high alert since twin suicide bombings hit Zaventem Airport and Maelbeek metro station on last March. The station is near the buildings of the EU Commission and the Council of the European Union, as well as the headquarters of NATO.
Numerous raids have been conducted in the mainly Muslim Molenbeek area of Brussels, which is often referred to as an “Islamist hotspot.” Many of the suspects involved in the Paris attacks grew up and lived in Molenbeek, including terrorist mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the Abdeslam brothers, and Mohamed Abrini, who was also involved in the Brussels attacks.
In November, Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders warned the EU of an increasing influx of returning fighters who could carry out terrorist attacks in Europe.
Have a nice day, Belgium.


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