Thursday, February 16

Take it Easy Policy

Here it is again. And boy could we all use some take it easy policy after this mad week. Did I post the English translation the last time around? Well it's easy to find on the internet if you're interested. 

MTV Unplugged is still blocking bootleg versions of the video from YouTube, so fans of the song will have to make do with audio versions at YouTube. I think MTV keeps removing even the audio versions but that's a losing battle.

I find the constantly changing photos of A.R. Rahman on this audio video to be annoying but it has the best sound of the ones I've heard currently posted at YouTube. 

You know what I love most about the song? The crowd-sourced lyrics are great, but what blows me away every time is that the hippest instrumental sounds are from an ancient bowed stringed instrument. REALLY early predecessor of the violin. One of the riffs starts at the 2:10 minute mark.

[snapping her fingers in time to the beat] Take it easy.    


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