Saturday, February 4

From the pen of Dave Schuler

He's answering an op-ed by Daniel Drezner that has something to do with American exceptionalism, which I refuse to read on account of I think the last time Drezner had any useful observations was when he wrote about zombies. But here's the last paragraph in Dave's remarks at his Glittering Eye blog:
If America has stopped being exceptional I would point to several watersheds: the systematic abrogation of responsibilities by the Congress over the period of the last half century, the incorporation of the Bill of Rights in 1925, Wickard v. Filburn (which gave the Congress control over just about anything under the rubric of “interstate commerce”), and the progressive reforms late 19th century including popular election of the Senate and the income tax. For good or ill these have worked synergistically to make the United States a lot less exceptional.

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bdoran said...

Oh worry not about the Progressives. They want an Empire but they really want more to commute to work...or phone it in...or outsource it...these are not the stuff of lasting and steady tyrants.

Now the Castro's: they've got what it takes. Most stable govt in Cuban History.

The Progs? Just wish they did. They reach...and overreach...and then cringe.

Oh Dear. I don't envy them.