Saturday, February 25

Live it Up

Live it Up, Parts 1 and 2, released September 7, 1974, by the Isley Brothers. Listening is still a great way to get through the day when you're down. 

There is a video at YouTube of an audience dance lineup at Soul Train dancing to the song. Crummy sound -- it might have been recorded straight from TV -- but the dancing, by nonprofessionals, is fab. I'll come across the video again and post it sometime.  

For now, try playing Live it Up while listening to the nightly news, the yammerings of politicians or your coworkers.  Or play it when you face an "I don't wanna do this" chore like removing gunk from the dishwasher or de-ticking the dog or plowing through 100 comments at Moon of Alabama about the latest Erdogan machinations in the Syrian war. 

Live it up!      


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