Saturday, February 4

Why didn't Der Spiegel depict Trump running over the Statue of Liberty with a truck?

22 December 2016: Berlin terror attack: Tunisian asylum seeker was investigated over earlier terror plot 

If Spiegel wanted to flaunt its Islamist sympathies, then given the recent massacre in Berlin by an Islamist using a truck, wouldn't it have been more topical for its German readers if the Spiegel cover had depicted President Trump running down the Statue of Liberty instead of beheading the statue? 

Here are a couple pictures in case Spiegel has already forgotten what happened at the Christmas market last year: 

Then again, I think I might see why Spiegel preferred to depict a beheading on its cover; after all, there were no videos made available of Germans being slaughtered while they tried to run away from the truck, but there are many videos of beheadings for the Spiegel artist to use for inspiration.  


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