Thursday, April 17

ABC News tries to save the Democrat Party and gets vilified for it

Last week, on his Sunday show, John Batchelor mentioned something to the effect that the Clinton campaign and others were sitting on a bombshell about Barack Obama, and that the information hadn't been released because efforts were still being made to properly vet it.

I don't recall whether Batchelor meant that 'news media' were the others or whether he even used the word 'others' but clearly he had the bombshell information. And my strong impression is that he was referring to others in the media as well.

No, he gave no hint about the nature of the bombshell, but I thought of his words last night while I watched the "debate" between Obama and Hillary Clinton that was sponsored by ABC News.

It wasn't really a debate; it was a chance for ABC's George Stephanopoulos and Charles Gibson to grill the candidates and with emphasis on nailing down Obama on his position about William Ayers. The questions they put to Obama within the first hour have been met with angry protests from Obama supporters.

I'm not going to leap to the conclusion that the bombshell, if you'll pardon the expression, has to do with Ayers. But given Mr Obama's way with words it really is necessary to nail him to an unequivocal statement -- to the extent he's capable of not equivocating.

Nor am I sure that ABC News has the information that Batchelor referred to, but I do know that not too many weeks ago, there was a sudden and striking change in the ABC News attitude toward Obama. The kid loves started to come off with regard to Obama's connection to Tony Rezko. ABC has not pushed Obama as hard as they might have done but since that incident (which, if I recall, occurred on the Stephanopoulos show) they have pushed.

It may be that there's more to the sea change than Obama's relationship with Rezko, Ayers, Wright, and a host of other highly questionable associates. And perhaps ABC's increasing toughness with Obama has more to do with the mounting accumulation of Obama's misstatements and lies than any one incident or a 'bombshell.'

But if a bombshell gets dropped, it could be more than a severe blow to Obama's campaign; it could unleash furious questions about the DNC's longstanding refusal to properly vet Barack Obama. I suspect the most furious questions would come from American blacks, who have done much to support the Democrat Party.

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