Tuesday, April 29

Barack "Fwuffy Bunny" Obama hops to dump international fugitive Aiham Alsammarae's dirty money

Well, well, I see Mr Fwuffy Bunny* continues to have a bad week. Will Fwuffy Bunny Press Corps kiss his boo-boo and make it better?
Question: How long do you keep a campaign contribution connected in any way, shape or form to said indicted political fixer Antoin "Tony" Rezko?

Answer: Until said contributor's name has been reported by mainstream media as a fugitive wanted both by Interpol ... and by the Iraqi government for the theft of $650 million in Iraqi reconstruction funds for going on two years. Otherwise, ignore it.
Read the rest at Rezko Watch.

When did Mr Obama become Fwuffy Bunny? Since he appeared on Fox News to explain he's actually a warm, fuzzy new kind of Republican: Cuddle me! Cuddle me!

Beware of Fwuffy Bunny! Threw his slave Daily Kos under bus!

But after watching Rev. Jeremiah Wright's media tour we can figure out where Fwuffy Bunny learned to throw an inconvenient dearest under the bus. Although come to think of it, maybe it's the other way around.

* Shamelessly plagiarized from a description of another Fwuffy Bunny. (It's a Canada thing, most probably blamed on Mark Steyn.)
1:55 PM Update
Cross-posted at Rezko Watch, where you can see Fwuffy Bunny in flight!
3:55 PM Update
Uh oh. Fwuffy Bunny has thrown Rev. Wright under the bus -- actually, he did that during the Race Speech, as I noted in an earlier post. This time Fwuffy Bunny is taking no chances. He's thrown his dear old uncle under a speeding freight twain -- er, train.

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