Thursday, April 24


Last night I encouraged readers to send donations to Mark Steyn if they missed the deadline for the Freedom Five fundraiser. Actually, donations should be sent to the defendants via their websites. I've provided links to their sites in the update to Wednesday's post.

And in my haste I omitted Mark's full explanation about how the fundraiser was to work (although I provided a link to the explanation), which also conveyed the wrong impression that Mark was accepting cash donations.

The fundraiser was a sale of Steyn books and other items, and he would then donate half the proceeds to the defendants.

See Ezra Levant's report for background on Richard Warman's law suit against the Freedom Five.

For readers who've asked; I have not forgotten my threat to add every FreeSpeecher blog I could find to the Pundita blogroll. I realized on reflection that I would need to write an explanatory post to accompany the list because to my knowledge none of the blogs deal exclusively with the free speech issue. (This is the same for Binky's Free Mark Steyn! but that site is a gateway to all articles on the Canada free speech issue, which is why I added it to the blogroll.) So the writing chore is on my To-do list.

I have also been asked whether I think the Freedom Five could have avoided Warman's law suit. I am going to make a very careful reply, which I may expand on in a later post.

I think that many FreeSpeechers welcome the suit, as another means to bring the Section 13 issue to the attention of the Canadian public, and as a means to show up Richard Warman.

However, the weakness of the Free Speech movement is that it's not coordinated and there is no war council. That weakness is easily exploited by the movement's opponents.

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