Friday, April 25


Earlier I published a post, since deleted, that I cryptically titled "Go sit on a tack," and which I tersely explained was directed at certain persons. I have displayed considerable bad temper this past week. Yet my exasperation with certain persons in this case was unwarranted because to some extent I brought a misunderstanding on myself by not explaining the reason for the dedication on the sidebar.

People can be very curious about the identity of an anonymous writer, so I guess they could read into the dedication a familial relationship. Yet just because this an anonymously written blog, of course I would not display on it the name of any relative of mine.

But so as not to give anyone the idea that he can learn about me from the name of person I mentioned in the dedication, and so as not to bring bother to Cedric Fauntleroy's relatives, I have removed the dedication from the sidebar.

Cedric Fauntleroy and other members of the Kosciuszko Squadron repeatedly risked their lives to help others fight for their freedom, and yet they didn't have to do that. They did it because they believed it was the right thing to do.

That generation of freedom fighters is gone but they should not be forgotten, and I haven't forgotten them.

My post about the Kosciuszko Squadron is still in my archives, so anyone looking for the post can still find it.

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