Wednesday, April 23

A return to Section 13 and Canada's Free Speech Movement: Please support The Freedom Five!

Thursday Update
Mark Steyn reports that Wednesday's fundraiser was a smashing success. You can still donate to the individual defendants at their websites: Ezra Levant, Kate McMillan, Kathy Shaidle and Mark and Connie Fournier at Free Dominion.
Oh, Lordy, here it is 9:30 PM and I haven't yet posted mention of Mark Steyn's fundraiser, which is going until midnight! Have you ever known Pundita to ask for a donation -- for herself, or anyone? There's not even a donation button on my blog. But I am asking you now to please support the Freedom Five's legal defense fund with whatever donation you can spare. Thank you.

Mark is donating half the profits from his book America Alone and all related products (e.g., cassette) to the cause. And Binky at Free Mark Steyn! has a T-shirt discount sale going on to support the Freedom Five.

Here's some background from Mark; please visit Steyn Online for details on the fundraiser and links to all the blogs in under discussion:
Richard Warman, member of Stormfront and the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission's all but sole plaintiff, recently embarked on legal action against The National Post and its columnist Jonathan Kay plus five bloggers: Ezra Levant, Kate McMillan, Kathy Shaidle and Mark and Connie at Free Dominion.

All these folks have been important voices in exposing the rot at the CHRC and the improper and corrupt procedures that have developed since Warman began using the Commission as his personal inquisition. Those in favor of rolling back the "human rights" commissions' powers now include the Canadian Association of Journalists, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, PEN Canada, Liberal MP Keith Martin and every major newspaper from the conservatish National Post to the liberal Toronto Star. But these five bloggers were among the first to get the ball rolling and their energy has been critical to the campaign to restore free speech to Canada.

So, in order to support the Freedom Five as they resist Mr Warman's attempt to shut them down, we're holding a special fundraiser until midnight Eastern Time tonight. [...]

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