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Axis of Grovellers Song: As China tries to sneak weapons to Zimbabwe, apologists for Middle Kingdom learn fine points of serving the emperor

More than 1,000 Zimbabweans a day are crossing the border into South Africa to flee starvation and massacres. Meanwhile, it's hard work clubbing millions of people to death, so Robert Mugabe ordered a massive shipment of ammo and light weapons from Hu "the Butcher of Lhasa" Jintao.

Then came the task of sneaking the shipment into Zimbabwe under the nose of governments that have a problem with democide. China got caught red handed. That's when the cat-and-mouse game really got underway --


"Fwhat key? B Fwat?"

"Fno. C."

"Fokay. Fready?"

"Fwait. [coughs] Mi mi mi mi. Fready now. [Toots C on the harmonica]"

Christopher Alden and David Zweig sing in unison:

"O Dear Femperor!
Fwe don't deserve the honor when you walk across our back!
O Femperor of Femperors!
Fwe are overcome with graftitude fwhen you boot us in the ass!
Fwe're not worthy to grovel at your precious fweet
But if we're to keep telling the masses of your glory
Could you kick out fewer of our teeth?
(Christian Science Monitor) Hammered by criticism over its own human rights record and perhaps worried about its reputation ahead of the upcoming Summer Olympics, China signaled Tuesday that it might turn around a ship full of arms bound for its longtime ally, Zimbabwe. ...

While a number of Western governments have criticized the arms shipment, "China is most conscious of African reactions," says Christopher Alden, an expert on Chinese-African relations at the London School of Economics.

"This [signal] is a response to African governments' public criticism about potentially fueling a crisis." ...

"There is a trend of China making decisions that reflect the international perspective more than the narrow Chinese perspective," says David Zweig, a professor of Chinese international relations at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

"China is learning on this. They want to be a responsible player" in world affairs. ...

(IOL, South Africa) The [South African] Democratic Alliance will ask the Chinese government to halt all weapons shipments to Zimbabwe, following reports that a second load of arms is bound for Zimbabwe.

According to Die Burger, Zimbabwean army generals decided on Monday to order a second load of weapons, this time by air.

It was hoped this would circumvent mounting opposition to about 77 tons of Zimbabwe-bound weapons currently on a Chinese container ship somewhere off the coast of southern Africa. [...]

Die Burger reported on Tuesday that another shipment is to be flown into Harare from China in the next week
(Emphasis Pundita's)
I'm not listening I'm not listening I'm not listening
Sheesh. How much more of this can we take?
Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna"

Haha, Baron!
Are we having fun yet? Caliphate to the right of us, Middle Kingdom to the left of us. A succession of US administrations thought it was a great idea to use Red China and Saudi money as cannon fodder against the Soviet Empire. As for unintended consequences the administrations decided to deal with those tomorrow. So here we are, with all those tomorrows upon us.

"It seems that the cadre needs a human being to interpret the world of events. As if they have landed from Jupiter."
John Batchelor, Torchwatch"

The cadre doesn't like it when they're called thugs but they have no illusions about what they are. The same can't be said for people such as Alden and Zweig.

"Ah, the London School of Economics. Shades of Harold Laski. The Tibet-China situation is rather depressing as the Tibetans have little leverage.

Hope you are well Miss P.!"
Mark Safranski, ZenPundit

I'm still recovering from my meltdown earlier this week but I'll be okay; thanks. If you want to see why Tibet has more leverage than seems immediately evident take a look at this eerie photograph of the Olympic torch route being guarded by machine gun-toting soldiers in Indonesia.

The Olympic torch relay has converged with Tibetan protests of China's brutality.

The US mainstream media are studiously ignoring much news from around the world that's related to support for Tibet. But as the Torch of Shame continues its progress, Free World governments are getting more humiliated by the day.

The governments can no longer avoid confronting the fact that a communist dictatorship should never have hosted the Olympics. Every act that China takes in the effort to block or downplay the protests further exposes the regime's true nature and adds to the humiliation for Free World governments.

Under pressure from negative publicity China's rulers have fallen back on the 1960 Commie Bag of Tricks Playbook. This has given a young generation around the Free World their first look at the real China.

All this has converged with anger in several African countries about China's attempt to sneak arms into Zimbabwe.

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