Saturday, April 5

Government goons make futile attempt to suppress historical record: A second look at Lhasa, Tibet riots. Part 7

From Boing Boing (H/T Binks at Free Mark Steyn!):
In this BBtv vlog episode, Xeni speaks with Tibetan human rights worker Lhakpa Kyizom about reported abuses against so-called "wired monks" in Tibet, by PRC military and police.

Using cellphones, these monks photographed dead and injured participants in nonviolent, pro-Tibetan sovereignty protests that took place in March. The monks then disseminated these images to supporters outside Tibet, using connected computers and mobile devices.

After the images spread worldwide, and their origin became known to authorities in the tightly-controlled, tense, post-protest environment in Tibet, Kyizom says, military forces invaded the monastery, confiscated all communications tools, and detained nearly 600 monks in political retaliation. [...]

Link to Boing Boing tv episode, with discussion, downloadable video, transcript of Kyizom's account, and links to related reports. [...]
The Vlog, rest of Boing Boing article and all the links here:

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