Sunday, April 13

Barack Obama, The Economist's pick for President of the United States

"In the dangerous second decade of the century, when Vladimir Putin returned for a third term as Russian president and stood poised to invade Ukraine, it was the EU that pushed the Obama administration to threaten massive nuclear retaliation."
-- The Economist, March 17-23, 2007 issue; predictions on the European Union's future.

Pundita's reply to The Economist:

March 2
Barack (I'm not a crook) Obama, Nadhmi (I'm not a crook) Auchi, Tony (I'm not a crook) Rezko, and the Democrat (We're not idiots) leadership

March 13
How you learned to stop worrying and love Obama

March 18
Wattel Toys unveils Barack Obama Talking Doll

March 19
The Obama Plan for beating al Qaeda: talk them to death

March 20
Barack Obama's race speech is a knowledge test, not a Rorschach Test

April 12
Weasels in a Bunker

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