Thursday, April 10

John Batchelor scores, Mark Steyn soars, Marc Lemire roars, and Pundita thanks Richard Warman

This has been quite a week. Protestors drawn from all over the world turned the Olympics torch relays in London, Paris, and San Francisco into an indictment of China's thug government. And my picks for U.S. President and Vice President in 2012 spent two days on Capitol Hill finding different ways to say "No" nicely to politicians who want the US out of Iraq yesterday.

There have been smaller victories this week for freedom defenders -- smaller but no less significant:

> Broadcaster John Batchelor launched a blog called Torchwatch, which posts on his radio reports about the Olympic torch protests and repression in China, and also carries essays and reports from other news sources on those issues. Here is a list of the guests he's lining up for this Sunday's "Torch Show."

(7:00 PM ET Update: John has added more guests who are confimed for the Sunday show and will speak about China-Tibet-Olympics issues.)

> John scored again this week with his discussion at Human Events about more pieces of the Tony Rezko-Barack Obama puzzle. The fireworks about Obama's relationship with William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright have obscured the biggest story about his questionable associations.

The problem is that the biggest story is very complex and doesn't lend to MSM sound bite reporting. Yet for months Batchelor has been patiently unearthing the details of the ties that bind Obama to Rezko and Rezko's vast web of corruption.

B. Merry at Rezko Watch does a great job of explaining the significance of Batchelor's latest article on the Obama-Rezko File.

> Mark Steyn's America Alone: The end of the world as we know it arrived at U.S. bookstores in paperback.

Mark has written a new introduction, which summarizes the book's impact since its original publication and discusses recent major events that support the book's thesis.

This news has great importance for Washingtonians because we can stuff the paperback edition into our over-stuffed briefcases, which means we can snatch moments to actually read the entire book. (The hardcover edition is gathering dust under a pile of other hardcover books that I've labeled with sticky notes screaming MUST READ NOW.)

The other great importance of the paperback edition is that it underscores that a 'school' is coalescing around Mark Steyn's points -- the school's formation greatly helped along by attempts in Canada to quash Mark's discussions about civilizational collapse.

Speaking of the Steyn School, Milt Rosenberg at Chicago's WGN 720 radio show will be talking to Mark Steyn for TWO hours tonight, starting at 9:00 PM. The show is available online and also as an archive. See Mark's website for news about his other media appearances this week and for discussion of his book's paperback launch.

> Marc Lemire has done it again; actually, he did it on March 31 but it wasn't until today that he posted the details to his new blog. In one sentence:
In a motion filed on March 31, 2008 before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, Marc Lemire is demanding that the CHRC disclose the fake names they used on internet message boards and to reopen the hearing so that the CHRC employees can be cross examined.
The great significance is that he's demanding that the Canadian Human Rights Commission reveal ALL the aliases they used over the years to entrap victims of Canada's Section 13 law.

> This week serial Section 13 complainant Richard Warman launched libel suits against five Canadian FreeSpeechers; this, in the futile attempt to restore his lost face, and which is going to backfire.

But I would like to thank Mr Warman for shoving me off the fence. Last week I sat around giving a long-winded excuse to my readers about why I was listing only one blog relating to the Canada FreeSpeechers on my blogroll. Thanks to Warman's libel suit, this weekend I am going to add to my blogroll every blog I can find related to Canada's Free Speech movement.

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