Saturday, April 5

QC Gerald Langlois on this week's CBC Sunday Morning to discuss "faceless, incompetent, power-hungry" bureaucrats at CHRC

Last week Pundita published Mr Langlois's letter about the March 25 tribunal hearing on Marc Lemire's case. Given the way things work in media land I'm not 100 percent sure the segment will be aired this week but so far all systems seem go for this Sunday. Langlois will have 20 minutes to speak; given the opinion he expressed at this blog and in his note to Jay Armitage at CBC the segment should be a humdinger. Here's the note:
Rick Andrews' post nailed the issue. The CHRC is riddled with "community activists" and faceless, incompetent, power-hungry bureaucrats. As was evident in the final hearings on Tuesday, March 25th, even the Chairman had difficulty understanding the difference between examination in chief and cross-examination, as did the Commission counsel. I believe that Marc Lemire will be released unscathed except for his pocketbook, but only due to the fact that Chairman Hadjis must now save the faces of both the Commission and the Tribunal.
7:30 PM UpdateI was just at Free Mark Steyn! and noticed that Binks has a good idea; if the interview goes forward it would be great if someone could get it onto YouTube.

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