Monday, April 7


The next post will be tomorrow by 8:00 AM Eastern Time but here's an update on two items I was following last week:

Re: my announcement that I would publish the letter Marc Lemire wrote to The National Post: Marc informed me that he didn't have a copy of his letter because he wrote it in the comment form provided by the paper and forgot to copy the text before he sent it.

However, even though the Post didn't publish his letter I don't think his effort was in vain. I note that the latest Post article about him, dated April 3, terms him a "far right activist."

I don't know whether Marc would agree that he is far right, but the term is a big step up from the Post labeling him neo-Nazi and white supremacist.

This might have been a coincidence but I also note that the Post toned down their rhetoric to describe Marc the day after I published his email mentioning that the paper hadn't published his letter of complaint and announced that I would publish the letter.

Re: Gerald Langlois: I haven't heard from him since Wednesday, when he sent news that he would be on CBC Sunday Morning. In that communication, he forwarded an email from CBC that was an offer to appear on their viewer response segment. Yet I haven't heard whether the interview, if it went ahead, was aired yesterday.

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