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Failed suicide bomb in Brussels train station

This time the authorities didn't drag their feet about labeling the attempt a terrorist attack. 
RT, 20 Jun, 2017 21:42
Belgian soldiers have “neutralized” a person wearing reportedly an explosive belt at Brussels Central Station. A spokesperson for the Belgian Federal prosecutor confirmed that the suspect is still at the scene but his condition is unknown.

"We do not know whether the man, whose identity we have yet to confirm, is alive or dead. However, this was a terrorist attack," Eric Van der Sijpt, spokesperson for the Belgian Federal prosecutor told reporters at a press conference at the scene.
Van der Sijpt confirmed that there were no other casualties in the attack.
Crisis Center Belgium have advised that a controlled explosion may be carried out on the scene by bomb disposal experts.
By Emanuella Grinberg and Nancy Coleman, CNN
Updated 6:09 PM ET, Tue June 20, 2017

A suspect was shot at Brussels Central Station Tuesday after a failed bombing that Belgian authorities are calling a terrorist attack.

The situation is under control following a "small explosion" in the station around 8:30 p.m., Belgium Prosecutor's Office spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt said in a news conference Tuesday.

"The suspect was neutralized by soldiers," Van Der Sypt said, characterizing the incident as a terror attack.

No civilians were injured in the attack, he said. Authorities do not know if the suspect is alive or dead.

The Belgian Foreign Ministry said the threat level remains at 3, which warns of a "possible and likely threat." The ministry added there is no indication of other incidents.

Belgian Army soldiers and police patrol Brussels Central Station after reports of explosions.

Central Station was evacuated and closed along with two other stations in the Belgian capital. Armed patrols, including a bomb disposal unit, surrounded the station.

A witness who was inside the station during the incident said he heard two explosions and then heard someone yell "Allahu Akbar" twice followed by heavy gunfire.

Sandor Moors said he was waiting on the train platform downstairs when he heard one bang followed by another and then the cries.

"There was a security announcement to leave the station. 

Military came down with heavy guns looking for someone."
After the gunfire he went upstairs looking for an escape. As he passed through what appeared to be gun smoke he said he saw a man with three bullet wounds.

"I don't know if he survived. He looked dead," Moors said.
Remy Bonnaffe said he was inside the station when an explosion went off, followed by a fire.

"The bang was very loud, it was like a very big firework that just went up in front of my nose," he said.

"The fire was very small. It was a very small explosion but a very loud bang."

Arash Aazami was walking into the train station when he saw people running out of the building. A restaurant next door let him and others inside as police secured the station.

"There's a lot of military here, but the situation seems to be contained," Aazami said. "There's no sign of panic."

CNN's Samantha Beech, Paul Cruickshank, Natalie Gallón, Julia Jones, Paul P. Murphy, Sebastian Shukla, and Donie Sullivan contributed to this report.


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