Tuesday, June 6

"Globalization is decoupling capitalism and democracy"

It took just eight minutes last night for John Batchelor and Harry Siegel to outline the dystopian society that America is creating for itself. 

For an introduction you can read Harry's latest column for New York's Daily News but Harry's talk with John is a 'must listen.'   

Here is the podcast, titled "The future isn't well paid." Note that the conversation is not political. This isn't about politics, this about Americans blindly creating vicious cycles that mock the futurists' rosy predictions. 


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Col. B. Bunny said...

The globalists have just betrayed America. If the answer was, "Move a large part of America's manufacturing capacity to the shores of a communist dictatorship, educate Chinese competitors on American management, grant majority stakes in American companies, turn over intellectual property, and meekly accept currency manipulation and import restrictions" what the hell was the question?

That wasn't stupidity. Tens of thousands of factories.