Thursday, June 8

The US continues to get away with mass murder in Syria

DEBKAFile, June 8:
On Tuesday, June 6 ... US warplanes acted on another front to bomb a convoy of Iranian, Syrian and Hizballah forces that were traveling eastward from the southern town of Derra in the direction of the Al-Tanf border crossing.
Al Tanf, where US and Jordanian special forces units have established a garrison, is located in the triangle where the Syrian, Jordanian and Iraqi borders converge. The US planes destroyed several tanks, troop carriers, artillery pieces and antiaircraft systems, causing also fatalities and injuries, and so halted the convoy’s advance on the strategic crossing. This was the second US air strike in three weeks on a similar target. The first was on May 18.
Sputnik, June 7US Strikes on Syrian Army "Intentional, Aimed at Extending the Conflict"
 Commenting on a new airstrike carried out by the US-led coalition on Syrian pro-government forces on Tuesday, Egyptian military analyst General Gamal Mazlum called it an intentional attack aimed at stopping the advancing government forces; and explained why the US and the coalition are not interested in the end of the Syrian conflict.
On Tuesday, the US-led coalition delivered another attack on Syrian government forces, which were advancing inside a deconfliction zone near al-Tanf.

Commenting on the new attack, Egyptian military analyst General Gamal Mazlum, former head of the Research Center of the Egyptian Military Academy told Sputnik that the US is trying to weaken the military potential of Damascus by delivering intentional air attacks on its advancing government forces.
"If we follow up the recent remarks of the American officials, it would become clear that the US is acting intentionally against President Bashar al-Assad. Its airstrikes on Syrian pro-government forces aim to weaken his chances of retaining power," Gamal Mazlum told Sputnik.
Besides, he said, the US is trying to increase its military influence on the balance of power in Syria.
"It was clearly seen when they were arming the Kurds on the same very principle as they did earlier in Iraq," the general said.
He did not rule out that such a military escalation on the part of the US could be aimed at disrupting Syrian peace talks in Astana.

The US, he said, is trying to extend the conflict, as neither the US administration, nor Pentagon are interested in a stable Syria and in the political settlement of the conflict. Washington is pursuing its previous policy in the Middle East, promoting the expansion of military conflicts.
The airstrikes should be delivered on terrorist groups rather than the forces that are fighting against terrorists, the expert concluded.
A Russian analyst has another theory about why the U.S. is bombing the Syrian military. From Sputnik, June 7:
The Syrian government army is launching simultaneous attacks in different directions, which are so successful that the attempts to slow it down won't be long in coming, says Russian political analyst Evgeny Krutikov. He suggested that the West has found a new pretext for the extension of the conflict – control over the borders with Syria.
The analyst continues with a somewhat complex discussion of motives. I see things in simpler terms. But what does it matter what I see? All I can do is pray to God to protect the Syrian military from my government.

As to the plucky SAA -- From AMN, June 7: Syrian military undeterred by the US’ aggression, will continue Tanf offensive
BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:50 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will not halt their field operations against the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the southeastern countryside of Homs, a military source in Damascus told Al-Masdar News last night.
“We (Syrian Army) will not stop our offensive until the Iraqi border is clear of all terrorists,” the source stated.
The US targeted a Syrian Arab Army unit near the Al-Tanf Crossing in southeast Homs, Tuesday, marking the second time in three weeks that Coalition warplanes have launched airstrikes against the government forces.
In response to the US attack, the Syrian Arab Army’s 5th Corps and Qalamoun Shield forces launched a powerful assault on the Free Syrian Army’s defenses in southeast Damascus, capturing several points near the Dawkah area after a short battle.
The Russian Ministry of Defense has yet to comment on this latest debacle [the U.S. attack on the Syrian military], despite the fact they have many advisers in the region.

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