Monday, June 12

Teenie Bopper Pundita Oogie Oogie UPDATED 6/14

Whoops!  The dancer doing an optical illusion dance move is at the 2:57 mark, not the 8:12 mark (which is the length of the entire video) as I'd originally written.
I'm sorry, I have to get this out of my system before I can continue. 
The one, the only, the immortal "Boogie Oogie Oogie."

And below is video for the extended version played on Soul Train in 1978, the same year the single was released. Those are all amateur dancers, members of the TV audience. They just got up and did their thing, each couple with a different dancing style. Okay, they practiced their moves. But just incredible.   

Check out the guy at the 2:57 minute mark doing an optical illusion, seemingly pulling himself by his necktie along the dance floor. Yeah, where do you think Michael Jackson picked up many of his dance moves. Soul Train. 

 And note no obesity in that audience. I think the white lady in the freeze frame is the heaviest one in the group and she's not really heavy by today's standards. 

Yes if everybody in this era danced to the extended version of "Boogie Oogie Oogie" once a day there'd be no fat people. And there would be many more happy people. 

And -- and -- even though the song says to get up on the dance floor, you can boogie sitting down. Everybody can boogie. 


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