Tuesday, August 8

Cajun dance music is rooted in human DNA. Allons danser!

I know this because even people who can't dance can dance to Cajun. And it has the same effect on people all over the world. Yup, everybody loves to dance to Cajun. Sure enough, it's in our DNA.  Also you can do any kind of dance moves to Cajun dance music, except maybe classical ballet but then I'd like to see what Cajun musicians could do with Swan Lake.

All right, let's start with Jo-El Sonnier playing Evangeline Special (live performance).

Then, let's see -- how about the Lost Bayou Ramblers playing Blue Moon Special at a club in Stockholm. That's in Sweden.

We'll finish up the special set with Lee Benoit and The Bayou Stompers playing the Lacassine Special at a club, maybe somewhere in Cajun country.

Now for a nice big breakfast of grits, home fries, ham, scrambled eggs and buttered toast with strawberry jam.

Thus fortified, I will turn to study the day's news. Or maybe I'll play hooky and see if I can find a Cajun club nearby. Allons danser!


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