Monday, August 14

Jade a capella

I've posted about the Jade singing group before but today found myself listening to their recorded version of Blessed -- and a live version I hadn't known about before.  

So. How about a trip in the time machine back to the 1990s, to the era of Grunge and New Jack Swing and the fabulous Jade taking over a street in the 'hood to vamp their way through their smash hit Don't Walk Away

By the way, those ladies really could sing, and they didn't need techno or even musical instruments. They were great a capella singers. So Don't Walk Away shouldn't have been their only crossover hit, although they had other hits in the R&B category. But it all had a happy ending, as Wikipedia notes:
The original members of Jade (Jad) went on to become successful in their own right. Angela became a successful music producer ... and received a PhD in education. Debra (now Debra Mitchell-Adams) became a member of the group Vybe, on Island Records, and owns Legacy Global Music Group.
Here, from YouTube, is Jade's original recorded version of Don't Walk Away (1992) -- and a 1993 live version without lip sync.    

And here is their live version of Blessed (1993), sung a capella in part. 

Here are the lyrics to Blessed, from Lyrics Pond website:

Blessed be the ties that bind 
Do you ever take the time to concentrate your mind and listen, 
listen to the music to your inner soul,
marvel at the beauty that nature holds,
Spread your wings to freedom,
Erasing from your mind all the doubts

Soaring like an eagle. Do you picture it? Your loving heart will guide you.

Blessed, blessed. O, yeah!

My soul feels good about the ties that bind me and you and all mankind, together 

Blessed be the ties that bind

Glorify your love, place it far above all others 
Take it to the power of your mother's love 
Precious memories

Gather little children
Turn your face in view to the rising sun - flame of love.
Is a gift to you - burning to beat of your soul
Blessed. Blessed. ... 

My soul feels good about the ties that bind me and you and all mankind, together.
Gather little children, 
Place no one above you.

Blessed. Blessed.


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