Wednesday, August 16

Okay, if the US is no longer funding Syrian 'rebels' ... UPDATED 6:30pm EDT

If Saudi Arabia and Qatar are no longer funding them, if Turkey is no longer funding them -- who is?

[Turning her baleful eye on the European Parliament]

And now that al Qaeda has taken over Idlib, are the U.S. State Department and British and EU counterparts still trying to prove they can help the 'rebels' transform Idlib into a model of democratic government (with a few Islamist features)?

It's occurred to me that at least some of the continued funding of the 'rebels' could be coming from wealthy Syrian expats who still want to overthrow the Syrian government.

But it's probably not a single group. There could still be factions in Saudi Arabia, for example, which continue to funnel financial support and weapons to the rebels, even though the factions are not part of the Saudi regime. And factions in the Muslim Brotherhood and/or wealthy individuals loyal to them that are based in Turkey and Qatar and other regions could still be providing funds. 


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