Sunday, August 27

Houston area flooding worse by the hour. "Please pray for us you guys. It's really, really, bad here." UPDATE 8/28 9:50 AM EDT

The Right Side Broadcast network I linked to is still on YouTube but the link below calls up a msg at YouTube that the video isn't available. I guess this means RSB has at least temporarily suspended live streaming of the Houston/Harvey situation. Maybe so the anchor could get some sleep lol. (He'd been in the hotseat for at least 10 hours straight when last I checked.)  

I am starting to get a bad feeling about the flooding situation in the Houston area; it's reminding me too much of the Katrina disaster in New Orleans. 

What follows is quotes I've taken from latest updates in Washington Post and AP reports. And I would suggest that anyone who's interested in the situation keep an ear on reports from Right Side Broadcast Network on YouTube. They're doing continuous live coverage of the Harvey situation including streaming reports from residents in Houston stranded by floodwaters.  

Washington Post last updated 9:33  PM EDT

  • Across the nation’s fourth-largest city and suburbs many miles away, families scrambled to get out of their fast-flooding homes. Rescuers — in many cases neighbors helping neighbors — in fishing boats, huge dump trucks and even front-end loaders battled driving rains to move people to shelter. Some used inflatable toys to ferry their families out of inundated neighborhoods, wading through chest-deep water on foot while the ­region was under near-constant tornado watches.
  • Thousands of rescue missions have been launched across a large swath of Texas, and Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said Sunday that more than 3,000 national and state guard troops had been deployed to assist with relief efforts. The Federal Emergency Management Agency said federal agencies have more than 5,000 employees working in Texas ...
  • Harvey’s sheer size also became apparent Sunday as heavy rains and flooding were reported as far away as Austin and even Dallas. What started with a direct impact on the tiny coastal town of Rockport on Friday night has turned into a weather disaster affecting thousands of square miles and millions of people.
  • [Houston] Mayor Sylvester Turner and other officials pleaded with residents to “shelter in place” and to make calls to overwhelmed 911 operators only in life-threatening emergencies. They urged people to climb to their roofs to await shelter if water was rising in their homes, and local TV news anchors reminded people to stay out of attics where they might be trapped by water — or to take an ax to hack their way to the roof.
  • Police began to ask people with high-water vehicles and boats to assist in rescue efforts on streets where abandoned cars were completely submerged. Brays Bayou, a huge waterway crossing the southwestern part of the city, rose between 10 and 20 feet overnight and by Sunday morning was flowing over bridges in its path.

The Associated Press -- The Latest on Tropical Storm Harvey (all times local):

The last entry is 10:45 PM.  But there's so much information in the entries for this evening that on second thought I'll just provide the link


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